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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bowja The Ninja: The Free Online Ninja Game

The people who always wait eagerly to play the new ninja series have good news here. A new game have been introduced which offers complete fun and adventure. In the newly introduced game which is named bowja the ninja is a playoff where ninja is on a secret mission to the Factory Island in order to take out the danger that is Gi8000 or very commonly known as the Randy the Robert. In this game ninja defeat the workers of the factory so that he could save the humanity forever before it gets very late.
Bowja The Ninja

Bowja the Ninja which is created by Robin Venice is a very appealing point and click adventure were you should be able to locate the accurate places in order to make the little Bowja advance, solve the puzzles and besting the foes along the entire way. The little voices, scenery and the animations of this game make it a very pleasurable game all through the game. At last, once you save the humanity and complete the entire game, you are rewarded few game art downloads as a treat.

Bowja the Ninja is a superb game to play. Not only the young boys; the older people also love to play this indoor game throughout the day. Therefore, this mission game is one of the excellent games to play on the internet.

1 comment:

Letromo said...

This game is interestingly cool. Its like playing the adventurous super Mario game.

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