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Friday, October 17, 2008

Kids Games: A Boon Or A Curse?

Kid's GamesThe games of computer have become a very popular source of fun especially during the free time. But the recent stats show that the computer games for the kids have more bad effects on the mental and physical health of the kids. The kids’ game features a huge amount of violence which as a matter of fact affects badly the minds of the kids. But the children are now more into these games. According to the recent study about the kids’ game, around 32% of the kids like to play the violent games on the internet. Only about 2% of the children like to play the games which are beneficial for them.

The niche of the kids’ games is very same to the other online computer games. It includes the player who fights with the enemies to win. Due to the violence in the games, the kids’ adapt the violent behavior personally also. The kid’ games have now become the most addicted games among the kids. Although the kids’ computer games are full of curses, but if they are played just as a game or if the games are selected properly, the kids’ games can be very helpful to educate the kids.

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