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Monday, May 12, 2008

Sony PlayStation

The PlayStation combines the world’s mainly sold game-soothing brand. In the year 1995 the Sony Computer Entertainment launched its PlayStation, PlayStation 2 was released in the year 2000, in the year 2004 PlayStation portable was launched and in the year 2006 PlayStation 3 was released.

Sony’s first venture in to the market of the video games, the PlayStation (was Codenamed as PSX at time of its development, and now it is being called as PSone) was originally considered to be append for Nintendo’s Super Famicom video game comfort as a reply to the Sega’s Sega CD. As the view of launching this system as append dissolved, Sony changed it into PlayStation video amusement console. But nowadays the world’s top selling console, Sony’s summarize console, PlayStation PS2 or 2 or PSX2 was launched in the country, Japan on the March 4, in the year 2000 and afterward it was launched in North America in the year 2000, on October 26. The PlayStation Portable or the PSP launched and produced by Sony Computer Entertainment is a fantastic handheld amusement console, as a venture in to the handy gaming market that was and till this date is still conquered by Nintendo, still PlayStation is considered as the mainly victorious opponent to Nintendo.

The latest super console launched in the series of PlayStation, plus entrance of Sony again in the 7th cohort of consoles, is PlayStation 3, also known as PSX3 or PS3, which was introduced in November in the year 2006. It makes use of a rare processing architecture known as Cell Microprocessor, which is a machinery developed by Sony along with the help of IBM and Toshiba.

Recently Sony launched Dual Shock 3 PlayStation 3 game controller in North America for a MSRP US$54.99 on April25, 2008. The Dual Shock 3 can be identified by the top labeling which incorporates both “Dual Shock 3” and “Sixaxis” markings

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